Apr 032018
The Hidden Villages Of The French Riviera

When we think of the French Riviera, or Cote d’Azur, we tend to picture the beautiful coastline, with its glamorous towns and picturesque settings inhabited by billionaires, royalty and celebrities. Yet venture inland a little and you’ll find plenty of towns and villages that offer a simpler and less expensive way of life, all within […]

Mar 012018
Expats On The French Riviera

By reputation, the French Riviera is a place for oligarchs and billionaires, socialites and celebrities – a place of decadence, glamour and stunning belle époque architecture. Less charitably, author Somerset Maugham once described it as a ‘sunny place for shady people’. But how true is all this today? Is the French Riviera seriously only for […]

Visiting The South OF France in Winter

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Dec 202011
Visiting The South OF France in Winter

­Visiting the south of France in winter is a great idea for anyone who is looking for a destination in Europe that is easy to get to and provides a wide selection of activities and entertainment. Whilst temperatures in the south of France do drop in winter (to between 6 and 13 degrees centigrade), they […]