Advertising Opportunities for Immobiliers – French Estate Agents


We already partner with over 100 Immobiliers and their offices / branches across France. Over the last 20 years we have introduced clients to our immobilier network resulting in 100s of sales. We DO require that you have an English member of staff to look after our clients. We have no set-up charges and so there is no risk for you! We bring clients to you, and you can sell them your properties. Our marketing fee only applies for successful introductions.

We have almost 10,000 registered clients looking for property. We are active on Twitter ,Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – we have almost 10,000 followers/likes.

We welcome Immobilier to contact us. (Email:

Or you can telephone + 44 7879 404072

Agent Commercial

Agents Commercial who have established relationships with Immobilier are also welcome. Please contact us on + 44 7879 404072.