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When you submit a property advert to, or modify an advert on 1st-for-French-property.co.uk you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • The advertiser is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the property advert information published on the site. The advertiser is responsible for removing a property description from the website when a property is sold (or email us with your instruction to remove it). Once you delete/remove a property it cannot be re-instated – it is physically removed from the database. If you wish to re-advertise:  an advertiser will have to add the details again and you will also be charged for a new advert. See below…

  • The advertiser is advised to change the status of the Property during the sale process – there are 4 statuses available: For Sale, Reduced Price, Under Offer and Sold. You can update the status by logging on with your username and password. Only remove the property description when you have received payment by the Notaire!

  • Adverts placed as Private Sales are strictly for individuals wishing to sell their SINGLE permanent residence / holiday home / investment property. Private Sale Adverts are NOT for Immobilier, Agents Commerciales or any person / company / business involved in commercial activity related to selling property. Misuse will lead to advert being removed and no refunds.

  • 1st for Property LTD reserves the right to modify the property ad information, to remove offensive or inappropriate material or to edit the information in line with the 1st for Property LTD standards.

  • We will continue to advertise your property details providing you have a valid email address. If enquiries are bounced / returned from a no longer valid email address, we will suspend the advert. After approx 1 year, we will send emails to check on availability. If we get NO reply, the property will be removed – so a valid email is essential.

  • 1st for Property LTD accepts no legal responsibility for the accuracy of information, or for any action brought against the advertiser for any reason by the person or people responding to an ad. 1st for Property LTD shall not be liable to the advertiser or owner for any loss, costs or damages resulting from the use of the site, or the inability to access or use the site.

  • When the advertiser submits a property ad to 1st for Property LTD, the advertiser acknowledges that the material (text , graphics and photos) has not been copied or is in breach of copyright. 1st for Property LTD cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws resulting from material supplied by the advertiser.

  • The advertiser assigns 1st for Property LTD a licence to reproduce in part, or in whole the material supplied.

  • 1st for Property LTD reserves the right to refuse web addresses or hypertext links to other web sites from within the 1st for Property LTD site.

  • 1st for Property LTD reserves the right to refuse any property advertisement and cannot be held liable for any expense or loss as a result of doing so. At any time 1st for Property LTD reserves the right to remove advertisements deemed inappropriate or in contravention of our terms of advertising. No refunds will be given.

  • 1st for Property LTD cannot be held responsible for non-display of an advert. We endeavour to keep web server downtime to a minimum but we cannot guarantee the service at all times. Nor can we be held responsible for deletion of adverts through unauthorised access to web site.