May 192019
Water Parks In France

If you are planning to buy a holiday home in France or even set up a gite or holiday rental business, but haven’t yet decided on the location, it’s worth considering an area where there is plenty to do for families – and what better attraction for all the family than a water park? There […]

Oct 132017
Lower Normandy – Basse Normandie

Lower Normandy, or Basse Normandie, covers almost 18,000 km² of land and has a population of around 1.5 million. It has three departments: Manche, Calvados and Orne, and in fact lies west of Upper Normandy, bordering Brittany to the south-west and the Loire to the south. Normandy’s economy is heavily based on agriculture, including livestock, […]

May 052017
Exploring French Museums in Paris | Wax Museum and cheap Pass

For many travellers, France is only about Paris and marvellous monuments recognised for their outstanding beauty and architecture. However, for a true traveller who is looking forward to explore the true culture and beauty of France, there are several places worth visiting. And one such group of places to visit in France, is the French museums […]

Jul 142016
Discover the charms of chateaux Indre-et-Loire

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, some areas of the Loire Valley, as one might expect, carry a hefty market price – and Indre-et-Loire is no exception. That said, the practice of snapping up bargains is becoming more and more popular, especially for those looking to cash in on restoration and other commercial projects. And […]