Mar 312023
French Kissing

Is La bise really necessary when in France? Les bises, les bisous, les bequest, les pouts…so many words to translate to that so very French way of greeting called ” la bise”. The reality is if you have spent or intend to spend time in France, with French people, ” la bise” might simply be […]

Jun 212022
Driving In France

Invariably, when people visit France from the UK, they do so by car, crossing the Channel by ferry and then taking to the French roads for their annual summer holidays. Other than the obvious difference of driving on the right, what specific issues, from the permitted alcohol limit to mobile phone use, need to be […]

Jul 062021
Struggling with French Tax Declarations?  Let French Tax Online Help You

1st for French Property are delighted to have partnered with French Tax Online, a Certified Chartered Accountancy firm based in Marseilles, whose bilingual team is dedicated to providing a full accounting, taxation and company management service, in particular aimed at international clients who have assets in France, or who are planning to do so. Whether […]