French Property Prices Tool


Want to discover the bargain French property price areas or looking for the chic hotspots? Our partner has developed a live Hot Spot property map for France.

The map below reflects the current French Property Prices – rather like a heat map. So Red areas are hotspots where prices are higher. The blue-green areas (colder on the heat map) show areas where house prices are cheaper. Down the right hand side you can see a key with prices in euros per sqm².

You can scroll around the map by dragging with your mouse. You can zoom in by double-clicking on the map (or use the tool on the left hand side). As you zoom in, more place names (you can remove the place name by un-checking the Afficher les noms de ville check-box) are visible and you can click on them for a price guide.

The average floor area of a house in France is 113 m² so average price (August 2015) in the red hot area is (currently) 113 x 4099 = 463,187 euros whereas the cheapest areas have an average cost of 113 x 949 = 107,237 euros (these figures may need to re-calculated when the prices change).