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Jan 102018
Notaires' Fees

You’ve found your dream property, you’ve decided on a price and you’d like to make an offer – but what are the extra costs you’ll need to consider? Conveyancing, stamp duty – what else is involved, and how much might it end up costing? Here’s an overview of what to expect. The overall fee you […]

Dec 152017
Christmas in France

Is this going to be your first Christmas in France? Here’s an idea of what to expect, and even what not to expect, during the Festive Season. Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition, with many of France’s most popular located in the east, close to the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Usually starting in […]

Nov 102017
Healthcare system in France and what might happen after Brexit

Intro and Background France’s healthcare system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world.   A 2014 Annual Global Retirement Index ranked it the world’s best for retirees, for being inexpensive, for covering a large percentage of costs, and for the number of English-speaking doctors in France’s main cities. French healthcare offers preventative […]

Oct 132017
Lower Normandy – Basse Normandie

Lower Normandy, or Basse Normandie, covers almost 18,000 km² of land and has a population of around 1.5 million. It has three departments: Manche, Calvados and Orne, and in fact lies west of Upper Normandy, bordering Brittany to the south-west and the Loire to the south. Normandy’s economy is heavily based on agriculture, including livestock, […]

Jul 042017
Working In France

If you’ve got your heart set on moving to France, but aren’t ready to retire yet, you’ll need to think about your experience and qualifications and the kind of work that might be open to you there. How complicated it might be to get a job in France in the post-Brexit world remains to be […]