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french-taxes1st for French Property are delighted to have partnered with French Tax Online, a Certified Chartered Accountancy firm based in Marseilles, whose bilingual team is dedicated to providing a full accounting, taxation and company management service, in particular aimed at international clients who have assets in France, or who are planning to do so.

Whether you need help filling out your income tax return, are hoping to start a gite or holiday rental business in France, French Tax Online will help you comply with French tax obligations and declarations, making your life a great deal easier.

Their services include the following:

  • French Rental Income Return
  • French SCI Tax Return
  • French Income Tax Return
  • Company Incorporation and Closing
  • Full Accounting Services
  • Leaseback Purchases: VAT Returns and Refunds
  • Advisory
  • French Tax Representative

Let’s look at each of these services in more detail:

French Rental Income Return

If you have bought a property with the aim of renting it, whether to holidaymakers or for long-term lettings, you will need to register this as a business and declare any earned income from it. French Tax Online will take care of these income tax returns, offering a complete tax service and managing any income tax liability on your behalf.

French SCI Tax Return

If you own a French property through an SCI company, you are obliged to submit a specific tax return every year, whether it’s rented or not. Many SCIs are created with a partner, but paying tax for jointly-owned properties can be complicated, and there are certain considerations you’ll need to make before you start. Working with French Tax Online will enable you to understand and simplify the process.

French Income Tax Return

If you live in France and are tax resident of France, you are subject to French income tax. You are deemed to be resident of France:

  • if your home or main abode is in France
  • if you carry out a professional activity in France
  • if your centre of economic interest lies in France
  • if you are not tax resident of France, but you do have French assets

The tax system is assessed depending upon household, marital status and dependents, but the specialised team at French Tax Online can help you navigate through this complicated procedure.

Company Incorporation and Closing

Starting your own business in France is exciting, but not without challenges. Often, one of the most essential but overlooked steps is managing your incorporated company, and if your declarations aren’t in order, you could not only lose money, you could even be breaking the law.

French Tax Online offer a tailored service for anyone starting a new business, starting with a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your plans, goals and requirements. Their specialist team will then help you become business registered, and their ongoing services will make sure you comply with regulations, reduce risk, manage growth, plan ahead and even save money.

In the event that you decide to close your company, failure to inform the authorities could result in penalties. French Tax Online will ease this difficult and bureaucratic process for you, completing all necessary forms, apprehending any procedures and handling all the formalities on your behalf.

Full Accounting Services

French Tax Online offer a full range of accounting services, including income tax returns, social charges, capital gains tax, VAT, business taxation, real estate wealth tax returns and local property taxes, including French Taxe d’Habitation refunds. They can also help you reduce any tax liability on your pensions, so that you can relax and enjoy your retirement in France.

Leaseback Purchases: VAT Returns and Refunds

For some investors, France’s leaseback scheme is an attractive proposition that offers serious tax advantages, and was introduced by the French government to increase the amount of quality holiday accommodation available in tourist areas, such as beach or ski resorts.

It involves buying a brand new freehold, furnished property in a serviced residential building, and then leasing it back to a property management company, usually for between 9 – 12 years. Owners can use their property for a certain number of weeks per year, either for free at a discount.

Owners are guaranteed a rental income, usually of between 3% – 6 % per annum of their initial investment, and are also entitled to a refund of the 19.6% TVA on the acquisition price. If you are interested in investing in a leaseback property, French Tax Online will advise you on the pros and cons, and then take care of registration and filing of any TVA returns.


The breadth of experience at French Tax Online allows clients to benefit from their specific, targeted and fully bi-lingual consulting advice, aimed at both individuals and businesses. Their expertise covers income tax, social charges, capital gains tax, VAT, business taxation, wealth tax and local property taxes. They can also assist non-residents with French taxable income.

French Tax Representative

If the time has come to sell your second or holiday home in France, British owners, as non-EU citizens, must now engage a Tax Representative to handle the calculation and payment of their Impôt sur les Plus Values, or Capital Gains Tax (CGT). In France, CGT is payable on the sale of land or buildings, shares and certain other personal property, with both individuals and companies liable. If a second home has increased in value, CGT is levied on that increase.

French Tax Online can work as your Tax Representative, calculating any gain in value and taking charge of all the fiscal procedures required by the administration.

Why Use French Tax Online?

French Tax Online is seeking to build close relationships with their clients based on commitment and mutual trust, and their flexible approach and way of thinking enables them to find solutions to all individual or business needs.

Their handy and simple software makes filling out and submitting tax returns easy, and their rates are affordable, with packages of either lump-sum prices or hourly rates, depending on the type of assistance you require.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Choosing to working with French Tax Online will alleviate the burden of stress regarding all the French rules, regulations and bureaucracy you may encounter.

Let the friendly, fully bi-lingual team at French Tax Online handle all the financial formalities for you, so that you can relax, grow your business, and simply enjoy la belle vie in France.

If you would like more information just fill in the form on this website and a member of their bilingual team will be in touch.

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