Apr 172023
Budget Holidays in France

With low-cost flights reaching all areas of France, there’s every reason to visit this year. But with the cost of living crisis, how easy is it to enjoy all that France has to offer, without spending a fortune? Here are a few tips to making your trip to France both pleasurable and affordable. Travel in […]

Jun 212022
Driving In France

Invariably, when people visit France from the UK, they do so by car, crossing the Channel by ferry and then taking to the French roads for their annual summer holidays. Other than the obvious difference of driving on the right, what specific issues, from the permitted alcohol limit to mobile phone use, need to be […]

Mar 012021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part Two

As the full ramifications of Brexit are beginning to set in, let’s take a look at some basics for anyone looking to buy property in France, either to live in full time or as a second home. In this second part of a two-part article, we’ll explore issues around driving licences, pet passports, health care, […]

Feb 032021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part One

After four long years, Brexit has finally happened, and we are becoming increasingly aware of how it is going to change all our lives, from holidaymakers who love to visit France, to homeowners who love to stay for months at a time. In this, the first of a two-part guide, we’ll look at visiting France […]

Jul 282020
Rick Stein's Secret France – A Journey To The Home Of Cuisine

In the popular BBC series Rick Stein’s Secret France, the Padstow-based celebrity chef takes a personal road trip around France, from Dieppe to Cassis, meeting restaurateurs and specialist producers, hoping to find that France is still the home of fine food, particularly if you look off the beaten track. The series is a glorious road […]