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We have over 500 + private sales on this site but does it work? Can 500 + advertisers be wrong. From the independent poitoucharentes.anglo.info site, Zoot said: “The last house we sold was with a selection of local agents for 3 or 4 months, had plenty of viewings but no offers. I then put it on a UK based website, www.1st-for-french-property.com (maybe . UK) and had an acceptable offer within a month. I’d used this website previously when I’d been working in the world of property; IMO it’s very good value. In May 2012: MS says about the sale of his Manor and Gites “We sold it direct via your website and will recommend that everyone should use this direct route.” In April 2012: MN says “Property sold now! I just wanted to say the website gave great results, at least 30 enquiries and 3 serious buyers! Thank you again, you achieved what 2 immobiliers couldn’t for 18 months in 3 months!” Our service also featured in Mail on Sunday,

“Within just three days they were amazed to be deluged by emails from Ireland, Spain, Australia….and Vietnam”                [complete review here]

It works – and it can work fast! One client tells us that they sold within 4 hours of placing the advert. If you beat that let us know! Of course, the French bureaucracy took a few months for the sale to complete! Here is an email from a rather satisfied customer which says it all…. We have just completed the successful sale of this property through a contact made by the purchaser visiting your site.  Their original contact came within a few weeks of the original posting of the ad.  Its taken the French legal system some time to grind its way through the process but the result was the one we wanted. I thought you might appreciate some feedback;  we had MUCH better interest generated by your site than an equivalent ad we had previously had on French Property News.  Over the 5 months I reckon we must have had 40-50 serious queries and several showed real promise (including several from the USA) although we didn’t need to pursue them as we had an asking-price purchaser in place.  So you are definitely doing something right! (and at a very competitive price too!).  It was interesting to note that the French estate agents who had produced nearly zero results in a year suddenly came up with a couple of interested parties within days of us informing them that we had received an offer. How glad we were not to have to pay them any fees in the light of their inertia.  I would be happy to recommend most strongly this service to anyone looking to buy or sell a French house.  Congratulations to you! N.B., 2006

Advertising your French Property – cottage, farmhouse, gites, barn, chalet, apartment  for sale

10 good reasons to advertise with 1st-for-French Property? 1. Get your property seen:  We have over 6,000 registered clients looking for property in France. 2. Our charge £150 + VAT for 12 months exposure is excellent value. 3. The number of returning visitors to the site is over 40% per month 4. Your advert visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days 5. Property displayed on 1st-for-French-Property.co.uk, Twitter & Facebook.  6. Add your property details online – you can be advertising on our site in hours! Automatic link to map of your property area; currency converter; and area converter all working to help sell your property. 7. Pay by Credit card, Paypal, or Cheque 8. Private Sales Listings for buyers who are looking for Private Sales only. 9. Your property will ALSO be in the main listings, regional listings, department listings, price range lists. 10. Extensive information and photos describing your property to sell your property – try our featured advert with 5 photos and unlimited text. What you Say! “We have had tremendous interest – about 40 enquiries and around a dozen on site visits. I am pleased to say that we have now sold the property. We were extremely impressed by the results of advertising on your site and believe our fee to have really well spent.” SW “Just for your information I have had 12 replies and already 2 viewings!!” in less than one month JM “I would like to thank you for your assistance in advertising our property in Servian. We have had a wonderful response from your site. “ NC