Region Guides


Our regions of France Guides give you more information on the following topics….

  • Regional Tourism
  • Video Guide
  • Accommodation / Travel
  • Books on the Region
  • Maps on the Region
  • Regional Weather
  • What’s On in the region
  • Properties and price in this region

We hope these regional guides will aid purchasing a property in France. We have also have a selection of video guides – two videos that travel around France to give you a flavour of North, East, South, West and Central France. In addition, individual videos for each region. As a buyer you need to know all the background information about location, location, location! Research each region of France before you buy….
The regions of France are:

Alsace region
Aquitaine region
Auvergne region
Brittany region
Burgundy region
Centre region
Champagne-Ardenne region
Franche-Comte region
Ile-de-France region
Languedoc-Roussillon region
Limousin region
Lorraine region
Lower Normandy region
Midi-Pyrenees region
Nord Pas-de-Calais region
Picardy region
Poitou-Charentes region
Provence region
Rhone-Alpes region
Upper Normandy region
Western Loire region

As a light-hearted interlude read our tongue-in-cheek regional guides – here is an example:
The Puy-de-Dôme department is named after the enormous and hopefully extinct volcano that dominates the landscape. In about 5760 BC, just after tea-time, the top of the volcano exploded, spewing a torrent of noxious waste over the surrounding area. The aforementioned noxious volcanic waste now provides the allegedly beneficial trace elements in Volvic mineral water. Volvic also produces a range of fruit drinks called Touch of Fruit. (In the USA the name was hanged to Volvic Natural. I wonder why). Volvic is now owned by food giant Danone, most famous for the probiotic Über-yoghurt Actimel. Enjoy!