Mar 152021
The Best Walks and Hikes in France

Following all the recent confinements and travel restrictions, many have taken up walking for the benefits of fresh air, healthy exercise and the chance to admire some wonderful scenery. With such amazing diversity of landscapes, it’s little wonder that France is fantastic for walking, with thousands of kilometres of well-maintained and signposted trails suited to […]

Mar 012021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part Two

As the full ramifications of Brexit are beginning to set in, let’s take a look at some basics for anyone looking to buy property in France, either to live in full time or as a second home. In this second part of a two-part article, we’ll explore issues around driving licences, pet passports, health care, […]

Feb 032021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part One

After four long years, Brexit has finally happened, and we are becoming increasingly aware of how it is going to change all our lives, from holidaymakers who love to visit France, to homeowners who love to stay for months at a time. In this, the first of a two-part guide, we’ll look at visiting France […]

Nov 232020
Hunting  in France: La Chasse

Whether you like it or not, hunting, or La Chasse, is a popular and much-valued way of French life, with over 1.5 million holding a hunting licence, and an estimated 37,000 new licences issued each year. So what are the general rules about hunting, and how do you go about getting a licence? We’ll also […]

Aug 222020
French Films And Their Locations

Many film buffs rate the French film industry for being bold and evocative, largely thanks to the Nouvelle Vague movement of the 1950s, which rejected traditional film-making conventions in favour of a more experimental style. Certain French films, however, can be credited with popularising the locations in which they’re set, introducing new areas both to […]