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Have you been to France but not yet visited La Camargue? Well save up some money and get there in the Spring for a trip you will always remember!

La Camargue is a beautiful Regional Park located in southern France. It is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhône River Delta. La Camargue is mostly flat, but filled with beautiful wildlife such as: horses, flamingos, and bulls.

Chevaux de camargue

Best Tips for planning your trip to La Camargue

The Experience

This wonderful Regional Park is full of all the activities you need for an amazing get away. For instance, you can:

  • Go Horseback Riding (€15 – €30)
  • Mountain Biking/Hiking
  • Visit the Beaches
  • Bull runs/fights
  • River Trips
  • Museum
  • See the Red Rice

The Camargue is populated with a special breed of horses that offer a unique experience to ride. Discover trails or the salt marshes and experience all the true beauty and natural wildlife that fills this park. Mountain biking and hiking are another great way to experience the wildlife. (Tip: be prepared to take on the mosquitoes and wear some repellent to avoid those pesky bugs.)

On the Mediterranean the Camargue has miles of spectacular but remote beaches that can be accessed by mainly foot, horse, or bike travel. If the water is too cold to enjoy you will not be disappointed by the view. If you like to experience a more relaxing water activity you should check out a Rhône River Cruise and sail out in the waters.

Additionally, this area hosts bullfights that are not like traditional Spanish bullfights. This competition between two men dressed in white trying to take items placed between the bulls’ horns. It is definitely worth checking out when you are in the area.

Visit Le Musée de la Camargue the museum inside Camargue. This will help you learn about the land and the wildlife you are experiencing. This area is highly famous for its unique red rice. La Camargue is filled with over 20,000 hectares of rice paddies (5% of Europe’s rice population). If you are the adventurous type and keep exploring you will run into the famous salt pans and the salt mountains south of Salin de Giraud. Salt and rice are of huge importance to the natives of Camargue, and growth has been continued since the nineteenth century.

There is a ton of activities in Camargue with lots of things to do helping you get the most from your trip.

When to Visit?

You should start saving now so you can plan a trip in the Spring. If you stay during April you shouldn’t be surprised to see wild horses and bulls on your morning hike.

With the weather being around 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the morning, and around 70-80 throughout the day you will be able to make the most of your vacation.

This time is during the parks major wetland staging points where thousands of birds are migrating. Bird watchers come from all around the world to view this experience, and especially look out for the thousands of flamingos.

Where to Stay?

If you choose to stay either outside of Camargue in Aries (20-minute drive from the park). Or if you choose to stay inside the park there are plenty of options to choose from. Anywhere from €50 a night to €400 a night.

If you choose to stay inside the park be prepared to take on the bugs they are everywhere. You can find 3 star hotels here for about €120 a night and 5 star hotels for about €390.

Although staying in the park would be nice, if you are on a budget or want to avoid the bugs when you can, it’s recommend to stay in Aries. It is very close to the park and you will be able to find cheaper hotels that could only cost you €49 a night. Some of the best and cheapest hotels in Aries include:

– Hotel Les Vagues (4 stars €56/night)

– Les Arcades (4 stars €76/night)

– Mas de Calabrun (4 stars €112/night)

All these hotels are in very close proximity with the park so you won’t have to waste time driving there in the morning.

Camargue Location Map



If you are now very intrigued to visit La Camargue lets offer you some suggestions:

  • If you want to get the most out of your trip it is recommended to visit in the spring, when the weather is comfortable and the wildlife is as its peak population.
  • Looking for a nice and cheap place to stay is easy. Stay in Aries because it is so close and you can avoid the bugs of Camargue.
  • Speaking of, make sure to bring plenty of mosquito and bug repellent to avoid getting eaten alive while hiking or horseback riding.

More Tourist Information

Official Parc naturel regional de Camargue site – click here

La Camargue is an amazing place to travel year-round and always brings you a new sight or adventure to discover. Start saving now so you can make your trip happen!! In the meantime enjoy this armchair travelogue …

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