Jul 062021
Struggling with French Tax Declarations?  Let French Tax Online Help You

1st for French Property are delighted to have partnered with French Tax Online, a Certified Chartered Accountancy firm based in Marseilles, whose bilingual team is dedicated to providing a full accounting, taxation and company management service, in particular aimed at international clients who have assets in France, or who are planning to do so. Whether […]

Apr 152021
Selling Your French Property?  You May Need A Tax Representative

If the time has come to sell your second or holiday home in France, British owners, as non-EU citizens, must now engage a Tax Representative to handle the calculation and payment of their Impôt sur les Plus Values, or Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Who pays CGT? In France, CGT is payable on the sale of […]

Mar 012021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part Two

As the full ramifications of Brexit are beginning to set in, let’s take a look at some basics for anyone looking to buy property in France, either to live in full time or as a second home. In this second part of a two-part article, we’ll explore issues around driving licences, pet passports, health care, […]

Feb 032021
Now Brexit Has Happened – Where Do We Stand In France?   Part One

After four long years, Brexit has finally happened, and we are becoming increasingly aware of how it is going to change all our lives, from holidaymakers who love to visit France, to homeowners who love to stay for months at a time. In this, the first of a two-part guide, we’ll look at visiting France […]

Apr 132018
The French Inheritance System

French media went into meltdown earlier this year when it was revealed that the late, iconic rockstar Johnny Hallyday had disinherited his two biological children, Laura Smet and David Hallyday. Wasn’t he said to have enjoyed a warm relationship with them both, they asked, and what about their touching display of affection with Johnny’s widow, […]

Apr 122017

Running a Gite Business in France Holiday rentals, gites, chambre d’hotes – self-catering holidays have long been an extremely popular way to visit France, offering both freedom and flexibility. If you already own, or are considering buying a property in France and would like it to generate some income, renting it out during the holiday […]