Jul 042017
Working In France

If you’ve got your heart set on moving to France, but aren’t ready to retire yet, you’ll need to think about your experience and qualifications and the kind of work that might be open to you there. How complicated it might be to get a job in France in the post-Brexit world remains to be […]

Jun 122017
Learning French

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE Once you’ve made the decision to buy property in France, whether you want it as a holiday home or are planning to move to France permanently, one of the many things on your ‘to do’ list will surely be to learn French. As hard as that might seem, it’s so very necessary. […]

May 302017
French Regional Specialities

One of the many reasons people fall in-love with France is, of course, the food. How many other countries have produced numerous dishes that have become household names in Britain: from Moules Marinières to Crème Brulée and Soufflé, via Boeuf Bourginogne and Coq au Vin? From haute cuisine to earthy bistro dishes and lighter, Mediterranean-style […]