French Tax Help


French Tax Online is a department of a family-run office specialising in French investments. Our service is intended for English speaking clients who have invested in France, who live in France, or are planning to do so. We can provide French Tax Help and Advice.

Our bilingual team of tax advisors provide our clients with the necessary expertise to comply with French tax obligations and declarations.

We aim to offer an easy and secure alternative to large accounting firms by offering an unique opportunity to fill in French tax declarations online and in English, at a very competitive price:

  • French Income tax returns

  • VAT / TVA refund

  • Wealth tax

  • H2 form (for “Taxe foncière”)

This is Important for non residents!

If you rent your property, even for a few months, you must declare your income in France every year! If you do not declare your income, the tax administration in France will tax you on the level of 25% of the estimated renting incomes, without any deduction! You will also pay penalties and interests for the delay.

A sound and timely declaration will often avoid the payment of French tax by non residents, or reduce it considerably.

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