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HOW TO ADD YOUR DETAILS…… Please read our terms & conditions of advertising <<click here (opens in new window). Adverts are only accepted on the basis that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Correct Contact Information! It is essential to provide correct contact information – ideally telephone and email address. This information cannot be changed for security reasons. Don’t worry, our webmasters CAN make any contact information changes for you – at £10 + VAT per set of changes. IF ENQUIRIES SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ARE RETURNED – we will suspend the advert. YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

What should you include? The more text information you provide, the better the response you will get. Spend some time thinking about your property and the areas best features. What attracted you? Remember good quality photos will sell better than words!

Editing / Changing Your Advert You can update your advert any time – you can edit your details at any time FREE of charge or if you want our webmaster to do it for you it costs £10 per set of changes! You have 30 minutes to complete the advert – don’t worry if you want to add more information – you will be able edit as often as you like after we receive confirmation of payment.

Getting Started The simple steps to get your property description on the site are – a) Add your contact details b) Describe your property c) Add any photos  d) Preview and edit your advert  e) Pay for your advert.  Don’t be surprised to get enquiries immediately – we get a lot of visitors! Click the GO button to start filling in your property details….

GO!    Add Feature Sale Advert (£150 + VAT)