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Some essential tips....
1) Do not worry if you DO NOT complete adding all the details / photos first time. After paying you will be able to edit your advert at any time (after we receive confirmation of your payment!).
2) Before you complete Step 1 - check that you have the photo images ready to upload (you can of course add them at a later time if you want!). Contact us if this is a problem!
3) We suggest you create your main Description of the property in Notepad before you begin Step 1. Describe your property in as much details as possible; its location; proximity of shops, beaches, restaurants, etc. Then you can copy and paste!
4) Try to complete the advert within 30 minutes to avoid any internet issues. Remember you can always edit again later!

STEP 1: Add your details here - Your Name is used for the logon and as a Contact Name for potential clients. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CONTACT INFORMATION IS CORRECT. After entering your details, you can use your "Your Name" and "Password" to logon, and edit your property details - anytime! We suggest adding at least one telephone number and an email address for the best response. How else will the client contact you! Contact details can only be changed by the Webmaster.

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