Learn To Speak French


If you are going spend some time in France, the locals will really appreciate you speaking French – however bad! Learn to speak French – it is really appreciated. There are two programmes that we recommend: Linguaphone and Rocket Languages.

How to Learn French

With over 100 years of experience, Linguaphone know that anybody who can speak one language has the ability to learn another. Their proven method – Listen, Understand, Speak – has helped over 7 million people learn a new language in a natural and effective way.
From basic phrases through to fluent conversation, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a second language becomes second nature.
And whether you’re learning for holidays, business, travel or education, you can be sure there’s a course to suit you. With an exciting range of brand new products, you can learn via your PC, on the move, relaxing on the beach or more traditionally at home – whatever suits you best.
Simply look at the new range of products to find the course that best suits your lifestyle and aspirations. To view the full range of courses click here.

Rocket Languages
With Rocket French Premium, you are going to learn to speak French rapidly, effectively, and easily. You are going to be able to speak French at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you can think of!

The full Rocket French Premium package is now available online and via instant download (PC or Mac)! You can be learning French and using the MegaFrench games in 5 minutes! >> Rocket French

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