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For some, it's an idyllic dream to run a campsite in the beautiful French countryside, but is it a dream? We think not, as campsites for sale in france are becoming one of the most popular requests. Less popular than gites for sale in France but gathering momentum at a fast pace. France is a huge country, with acres and acres of rolling countryside in many regions, so of course France is an obvious choice to search for a campsite. Who doesn't have fond memories of camping holidays in France? These days, campers expect much more in terms of luxury, which is why we are seeing an upsurge of buyers looking for suitable sites that would be ideal for luxury yurts. Buyers are looking for interesting landscapes, an open field won't impress potential buyers, however land with trees, hills and even better a lake, will really hit the spot!
Our colleagues in France may have listed potentially suitable properties under another category, so it's always a good idea to send us your criteria so that we can seek out as many campsites for sale as possible. Here is list of properties that mention camping site in their description You might also want to have a look at property for sale in France with land as you may find properties listed there with great potential.

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