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To the south-east of Paris, the Seine et Marne is a very densely populated area.

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Property for sale FONTAINEBLEAU Seine-et-Marne

Town House For Sale In FONTAINEBLEAU, Seine-et-Marne

€ 1,198,000 £1,091,977
Beds: 7 Baths: 4
11 km from vaux le vicomte, located in a charming village this property of the second empire of 12 rooms with swimming pool and te...
Property for sale FONTAINE LE PORT Seine-et-Marne

Town House For Sale In FONTAINE LE PORT, Seine-et-Marne

€ 499,000 £454,839
FONTAINE LE PORT, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 4 Baths: 2
In the charming village of fontaine le port, discover this beautiful house of 167 m2 on 2 levels. located on the heights of fontai...
Property for sale Chamigny Seine-et-Marne

18th century castle near Paris

€ 2,400,000 £2,187,600
Chamigny, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 9 Land: 77450m2
Located an hour east of paris, in the direction of la champagne and on the banks of the marne river, this beautiful castle dates f...
Property for sale NEMOURS Seine-et-Marne

Chateau For Sale In NEMOURS, Seine-et-Marne

€ 1,325,000 £1,207,738
NEMOURS, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 7 Baths: 5
Former commandery templar (part dates from the twelfth) fortified castle originally built in the xxii and enlarged in the xvi, n...
Property for sale BARBIZON Seine-et-Marne

Town House For Sale In BARBIZON, Seine-et-Marne

€ 599,000 £545,989
BARBIZON, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 5 Baths: 2
In the charming village of cély en bière, an old farmhouse of 230 m2 with outbuilding, fully renovated on a beautiful plot of 17...
Property for sale FONTAINEBLEAU Seine-et-Marne

Town House For Sale In FONTAINEBLEAU, Seine-et-Marne

€ 1,040,000 £947,960
Beds: 5 Baths: 3
In the charming village of samois sur seine, 10 minutes from fontainebleau, a superb house overlooking the seine with a magnificen...
Property for sale Coulommiers Seine-et-Marne

Castle in Seine-et-Marne

€ 1,995,000 £1,818,443
Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 10 Land: 17000m2
Located in the centre of a village, five minutes from coulommiers, the oldest foundations of this beautiful castle date from the 1...
Property for sale Meaux Seine-et-Marne

Mill on banks of the Marne

€ 1,560,000 £1,421,940
Meaux, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 7 Land: 5184m2
Located 50 km east of paris, this mill dates from the 17th century. these exceptional premises host about fifty events a year in a...
Property for sale Darvault Seine-et-Marne

Mill from the 16th century

€ 4,200,000 £3,828,300
Darvault, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 15 Land: 32343m2
Located an hour south of paris, near fontainebleau and nemours, this impressive mill has been entirely refurbished and is currentl...
Property for sale La Rochette Seine-et-Marne

19th Century Castle near Paris

€ 4,200,000 £3,828,300
La Rochette, Seine-et-Marne
Beds: 8 Land: 11056m2
Located 40 kilometres east of paris, in the immediate vicinity of the a4 motorway and all conveniences, this castle dates from the...