Cuisine in the Midi Pyrenees

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Jul 062012
Cuisine in the Midi Pyrenees

French people are proud of their food and in particular food from their region. It’s a pride that isn’t something we’re as familiar with in the English-speaking world. But even throughout France, where regional is king, there’s a shared belief that food from the Midi Pyrenees is some of the best throughout the country. Having lived there for six months, […]

French Breakfast: What do French People Eat

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Nov 272009

Its history begins in the XVIIIth century when the custom of drinking coffee and coffee with milk served with toast, spread into the cities. The Fre­nch term petit déjeuner was coined at the end of the nineteenth century when the current three meals pattern was set up. ­ As a whole, breakfasts are not a […]

Typical French Meals

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Aug 122008

French Meals To become really familiar with French culture, you’ll need to understand what French people normally eat at mealtimes (as well as their eating habits), whether you plan to eat out at a restaurant or invite some locals to your place for a meal.  Only then will you truly feel part of the landscape. […]