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If you have ever dreamed of spending some more time in France, something more than a standard two week summer holiday, then please read on about Long term rentals in France.

‘Rent a place in France’ are specialists in the marketing of properties for winter lets and long term rentals in France, for periods of one month and more. Many of our clients are looking to purchase property in France but given the current financial climate prefer to rent first. We also see a good number of longer term holiday-makers – long winter holidays in the off-season being surprisingly affordable in France. Other seekers of these longer lets include professionals taking a career break or sabbatical, artists and writers etc.

Whatever your reason for wanting to spend more time in France, renting furnished as opposed to unfurnished accommodation can be the best choice for many. Leases for unfurnished rentals tend to run for three years whereas a furnished rental can be much more flexible.
Many of the furnished rentals we see average 3 to 6 months.

Deciding where to rent in France can be daunting. If you are unsure and can afford the time, why not rent several properties for two or three months each in different locations?
We did exactly that before finding our permanent base.

Do ensure the property is large enough and the facilities are adequate for your needs. You may be able to live without certain comforts if necessary for a one or two week holiday but for longer periods, however, items such as a washing machine, television and internet access become more of an essential. Ensure the property is adequately heated and check what is included in the rental price.

The rental price will normally be per month or calendar month. Some owners offer an all inclusive price but most properties charge extra for utilities and logs etc. A deposit is generally required to reserve the property and act as a security against damage.

Much information and photos of the long rental properties can be found on our site. Ideally, though, you should try to view the accommodation first if at all possible, especially for longer rentals of 6 months to a year.

Careful and thorough initial research can help secure a successful and enjoyable long term rental in France.
And beyond that who knows – a new life in France?

Ross Husband

Specialists in long-term lets in France

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