Jun 122017
Learning French

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE Once you’ve made the decision to buy property in France, whether you want it as a holiday home or are planning to move to France permanently, one of the many things on your ‘to do’ list will surely be to learn French. As hard as that might seem, it’s so very necessary. […]

Dec 142016
The framework of the running of a chambre d’hôte

It might an attractive idea for people who own a house in France to make some extra cash fairly easily by renting some of their premises as “chambres d’hôtes“, the French equivalent of the English bed and breakfast. Different to a gite business in France as typically the gite activity would be outside of the […]

French farms for sale

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Jun 042007

Many people dream of living on a French farm surrounded by land on which they can work, relax or graze animals. And despite the strong emphasis which the French put on the importance of agriculture, there are still hundreds of French farms for sale, ma…